Monday, February 1, 2016

A horse, 2 goats and a herd of elk.

Ava came home yesterday. It was a day of downs, ups and downs again. I am still not sure if she is going to be sticking around. We got one more lesson in yesterday before taking her home. It started off bad, she actually gave a small buck and the guy who has been helping me with her came off. He got back on and by the end of the lesson she was doing great, I rode her, and 5 kids rode her too. Loading her up in my friends tiny trailer took a good half hour, she really doesn't like to load up...I am hoping a larger trailer will fix that. Then getting her out at home nearly turned tragic. She freak out tried to pull way but was still tied inside so she stepped on me and then cut both of her back legs open again. To add insult to injury...she seems to have picked Jason as her person. Kinda lucky for her actually, I was ready to find her a new home...he wants to give her a year. I hope I don't die LOL.

The weather matches my mood...gloomy and foggy with a mystery horse out there.

At least my chickens are in cooperative moods. My rainbow eggs are starting to kick it up. 3 dozen headed to Jason's work to find their new homes. Only about 5 of my 14 girls are laying...hopefully some of my more chocolate colored layers will get going soon.

Their yolks are a beautiful dark yummy!

Yahtzee and Taboo are getting bigger every day. We are probably about 2 weeks away from meeting these babies!

They are enjoying their blackberry leaves...doing a good job of brush clearing while they are at it.

Taboo is getting pretty wide, she may be the one with triplets in there...we will have to wait and see. I do think she will have her babies before Yahtzee does.

We see deer all the time at and around our house, we have never seen elk though. Until tonight's drive to B ball practice. Wow! We have never been hunters, but Jason would love to get an elk.

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