Monday, February 15, 2016

A week old already.

Uno, Double Dutch, Skip To My Lou and Hide N Seek are a week old and doing great! They are growing fast, we are about to start milking the momma goats. The kids can't wait to try goat milk, I'm scared but I'm going to try it too. I have seen a really easy goat cheese recipe too. Hopefully it turns out yummy, I can't wait to try my hand at it!

LuLu...such a cutie!

Pretty girl.

Looks like Heidi is actually chocolate and not black!

Dolly and Uno, such twinsies. They are bigger than the other set of twins, more so than just their 36 hour head start. They are going to be good sized goats I think.

My two keeper does, LuLu and Dolly!

Hayden found this heart shaped rock.

One big happy family.

Kitsune got to get a little closer inspection of Uno today while I held him. She was pretty excited and curious, intros will have to continue slow...but I do think she will be OK with them in the end. The momma goats are not keen on Kitsune...they actually want to head butt her bad LOL. I hope the babies and the dog can have a friendlier relationship LOL.

She doesn't bark, growl or raise her hackles at the goats at all, just gets a bit excited...which if not managed right can turn just as bad, so I'm watching her close.

My farm girl...playing with a roley poley bug she found. Love it!

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