Sunday, February 14, 2016

My heart is full.

Happy Valentine's Day to all. My hubby surprised me with this, does he get me or I can try hatching some of our chicken eggs! If he doesn't sell them all to his work buddies first that is. He has sold about 5 dozen so far and most didn't even make it out of the parking lot LOL. I have more buyers than eggs...nice spot to be in, just means I need more chickens. Darn ;)

We are getting the goats pen fenced and put together, they will be in it when they are not in their mobile enclosure traveling around the property clearing blackberry leaves. Jason found this cool guy so of course we called the kiddos to come check him out.

Pretty sure he is a Pacific Giant Salamander. He was huge!

I'm so glad my kids aren't squeamish about lizards, snakes or salamanders.

The goats should be pretty happy in here...can't wait to get it done.

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