Sunday, February 7, 2016

A long labor of love.

I knew baby time was getting near, and I was pretty sure that Taboo would go she had started bagging up first. I have been checking their ligaments every day, they feel kind of like pencils on both sides of their tail area. When those are gone and the area around the tail feels real soft and mushy you know you are in a 12 hour window for babies. She has been getting softer and softer over the last couple of days and this morning the ligaments were totally gone. Awesome, it is a beautiful warm sunny day, lets get this show on the road. Yeah she had other plans. She decided to scream and bleet and pace all day...while I waited, pleading with her to not wait until dark.

Pretty Momma was feeling very photogenic...but not so cooperative in having her kids.

The girls have been putting in major work on those blackberry bushes. Xan and I started hacking away with machete's today.

The chickens are starting to roam more of the property, I have had another hen go missing. It is hard to keep them in their pen...even though it is 54 feet by 53 feet, but if I keep losing chickens we may have to.

Our old chicken run got turned into a bunny tractor for my 4 girls to share. We covered the bottom in wire so they can get to the grass to eat it, but can't dig out and escape.

Kitsune, always a big help should you ever have a sudden urge to throw a toy.

So far so good...the buns seem to enjoy the room.

We gave Ava a little lunge workout today. Since she seems to like Jason he is learning to do some of this horse stuff. She did pretty good for him, but she is a horse that likes to test so I had to jump in a time or two and kick her butt.

Of course Kitsune and her toy had to get involved. I'm glad dogs don't bother her.

Jason wants to build me a round pen out here will be nice to have an enclosed space to work her.

And down goes the sun...still waiting on babies.

I forgot to share my new trailer. We took a little road trip a couple days ago and came back with a huge beast of a trailer.

It is maybe a little over kill on size, but there is no way I'm getting Ava into a small one again. This bad boy is a 4 horse that they turned into a 3 horse large breed size. It has a big walk in tack room and a ramp instead of step up...which we are hoping Ava will like better. After our last trailer fiasco I am a little scared, so hopefully now that we have a huge 7 foot 1" tall trailer she will load and unload like a dream. Fingers crossed.

Finally like 11:30 tonight. Jason and I went to check on her about 11 and it looked like she was getting real close. I am glad Jason was there to help, he held the flashlight while I caught the first baby and started drying...then when Momma had the second one, before I even got the first one dry Jason helped dry too. Better pics was bed time for all. Welcome to the world you two!

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