Saturday, February 20, 2016

Coach for the day.

Xander and Hayden's coach had to be out of town for today's game, so she asked if Jason would step in for the day. He was happy to give it a try, I'm glad he did...when we first signed up no one was stepping up to be the coach and they asked if Jason wanted to, but since we had never been a part of a kids basketball team before we didn't feel ready to take that job on. Now maybe next year he will feel up to the task if need be.
The team has been making great progress, last week they were totally on they struggled a bit but still they have come so far.

Xander still has trouble paying attention, and being where he is needed...but he is turning out to be one of the kids who makes consistent baskets.

Hayden is a little star, the coach and other parents have told us on many occasions how good she is...this girl is just a natural with sports. I think we will be doing basketball again for her.

Nice job Fireballs!
Basketball pics.

We had one kiddo missing, such a fun team...I hope most of them play again.

After the game some friends came out to visit the farm. They asked if I would be willing to take some photos of the kids and family. I made it clear that I am not a pro, but I would be happy to give it a shot. I took almost 200 pics, 50 of them were decent LOL. They played with the baby goats, had dinner and we watched the new Star Wars...which was good but I really need to catch up on some of the older ones...I don't think I have watched any since the Jar Jar Binks mess.

Miss Heidi was the big time fave, she is a sweet little goat.

I posted some pics of the goats on a goat Facebook group, someone asked if they could paint one of my photos. She sent me a photo of the finished product...super cute!

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