Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Here we go again!

Almost 2 days old today, we let Uno and Dolly out to enjoy a little sunshine. They are almost ready to start playing and bouncing about, it is incredible how fast they grow and get coordination. Momma was a little nervous and very watchful, so they only spent about an hour out before she was ready to take them back to the barn, but they had a blast.

Lil Miss Dolly, she is so adorable!

Still staying close to mom...while her brother is always off exploring.

He even came over to have a little rest by me, he is a little sweetie.

Passed out LOL.

Looks like Yahtzee doesn't want to be left out, her ligaments were gone this morning. Right away I begged her to please not wait until 11:30 at night like Taboo did, Please!!!

Momma and daughter, so pretty.

I put everyone in the barn, Yahtzee seemed to be making progress but after the 12 hours ordeal with Taboo I decided to go do other things and check in on her every couple of hours. About an hour and a half later I was feeding chickens and heard some familiar screams from the barns direction. I ran the whole way, got there just in time to catch a baby! Then before that one was dry a second one joined us. Twins again, this time both girls and a 2:30 in the afternoon birth...that's how you do it Yahtzee!!

Since all the babies have the same daddy I didn't know if I was going to get two more white and blacks...I was pleasantly surprised to get a tri and a black!

I am already in love with the little tri girl, I think she may be staying to be Dolly's BFF.

Too darn cute. They are nice a strong little girls too!

Aww love this one, Momma is so attentive and proud.

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