Wednesday, February 17, 2016

No, 2 is enough.

The 4 legged kids are 10 days old and growing like crazy. They have doubled in size already I think.
Little Miss LuLu is warming up to people more, not as friendly as Uno or Heidi yet, but I think we will get there soon. She is still just as cute as ever!

She has the coolest markings.

Both Momma's are doing well...eating like champs and doting on their babies.

Three cute girls...LuLu, Dolly and Heidi, cutie pies.

Heidi is such a snuggle bug...she is just the sweetest chill little baby goat ever. Hayden is working me hard to keep Heidi too. I keep explaining that keeping two of the babies is enough. Then Heidi falls asleep for a Hayden's lap. NO. No, we can't keep 3. We can't.

Sleepy baby goats are almost as cute and jumping bouncing playing baby goats.

So sweet.

That is one passed out goat LOL.

Dolly wanted to nibble Hayden's shirt.

No Hayden...if we want to be able to keep a baby or two next year, we can't keep 3 this year.

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