Friday, February 26, 2016

Let the chicken math continue.

Spring has been teasing us...we have had some gorgeous days. It makes "farming" so much more pleasant LOL.

My farm help insists on certain perks to perform their farm duties. One is riding in style. Yes, against my better judgement, the kids ride around like this. Our quad needs to go back to the shop, thankfully this little truck is perfect in its place.

After a not so hard hour of work...he relaxes with his pooch.

It seems chicken math has a natural progression...for me the next logical step is trying my hand at hatching some of our own baby chicks. I have been doing some research, and unfortunately the process is not quite as simple as popping some eggs in the machine and waiting 21 days. I had to set it up to get it running so I can see where my temp and humidity are at. My temp is great, steady 100 degrees. My humidity has not been as easy, I guess the first 18 days it needs to be at 35-40%...then 60-70% for the last 3 days. I can't get mine under 50% right now, so I need to play with it more before I can put the eggs in.

These were the eggs I was planning to hatch, but I already made the mistake of washing them...which I guess is a no-no, so we will just have to eat them instead LOL. We are now getting 6-11 eggs a day, won't take long to get more. Hopefully I will get to set some eggs soon!

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