Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Complications happen.

I think problems go hand in hand with having animals, and no one is immune. I had to take these two almost 24 hour old cuties to the vet today, but the appointment was for their momma. I was worried about a couple things...retained baby, retained placenta or a prolapse...none of which would have been good. I felt for a baby late last night when I noticed mom was having some sort of complication, never been up to my wrist in a goat before...not something I hope to repeat but I'm sure I will, it usually goes with the animal birthing territory I think. I didn't feel a kid, and she was acting normal so we decided to give her until morning. Well this morning she was not better...major swelling going on, so off to the vet we went. I love large animal vets...I really do. The verdict is a massive hematoma of her girly bits. The Doc is giving it 5 days of Banamine (pain med), Preparation H and cold showers to come down on its own or else he's going to have to open it up and get the blood clot out and work on it surgically. Fingers crossed it goes away on its own in a few days.

When we got home everyone got to enjoy a little sunshine. A proper introduction...Skip To My Lou "LuLu".

This is Hide N Seek "Heidi", she is a little darling. Very friendly little thing too. As hard as it will be to let any of them go, I can't keep em all. She will be looking for a new home in about 8 weeks. She will be $300, she will come vaccinated, disbudded (no horns) and registered with the ADGA. Must go to a home that has at least 1 other goat....goats need a buddy.

The color on little LuLu is so neat...she will be staying here for sure!

Everyone out together, the 4 kids are going to have so much fun playing together once everyone is strong and coordinated enough. Yahtzee is kind of a grumpy mom, she only allows her babies to get close to her, Taboo on the other hand is more friendly to Yahtzee's girls, she will even allow them to nurse. I think part of it is Yahtzee is not feeling the best, hopefully she will be a little nicer as she starts to feel better.
This little boy just kills me. He is too darn cute. I'm sure we will have no problems finding him a great home in about 8 weeks. He will be $75 dollars, he will come wethered (neutered), disbudded, and vaccinated. Must go to a home that already has at least 1 other goat as well.

Pedigree on both sets of the moms are full sisters. Dad is from milk and show lines, he has his *B, I can get pics of his moms and grand dams udders if needed.
Sire Alethia JD Bachelor Party *B.

Our piggies are growing and maturing. President Business has been trying to get down to business...but so far the girls aren't having any of it LOL. We should be on track for bacon seeds sometime this summer. He has been rubbing himself on the trees in his frustration I think, poor guy Hahaha.

I helped the trio with their "100 day" prjects for school tonight. These took forever. Please don't mind the messy house...I've been sick and dealing with goats for the last 5 days...the house is trashed.

All the kids helped place the candy, beans and noodles in the hot glue...and nobody got burned.

I'm sure you can tell which one is Hayden' one perfectionist and precise child.

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