Friday, May 6, 2016

A new Mom...and it is almost Mother's Day.

Grandma hung out at the farm today, she even jumped up on Scooter for a little ride. Of course we couldn't keep Hayden from joining her if we tried LOL.

We had a little early Mother's Day treat!

Grandma brought a little something for each of the kids today, Hayden got this rocking pink cowgirl hat that she loves!

Lily has decided she is tired of brushing her hair, so instead she went with an adorable short hair cut!
The start of our first garden...hopefully they make it long enough to plant...the chickens have already found them. We are starting off small, 10 strawberry plants...which Jericho has also already found grrr. 6 spinach starts, 1 garden sweet cucumber, 2 beef steak tomato starts, 1 jalapeno, 1 bell pepper and 1 bush zucchini. Wish us, and these poor plants, lots of luck LOL.
I couldn't wait for the kids to get home today, on morning check I found out we have 8 brand new baby Rex bunnies! Our blue girl, Dark Sparkle, and Dr. Colosso are proud new parents. Now to keep our fingers crossed that their 1st time momma doesn't eat them or decide to not feed them.

2 white babies.

3 broken blue's...I think.

3 that look to be lilac's, 1 broken....the little bitty one seems to be the runt, runts don't usually fare well sadly.

Everyone got to hold a kit for a minute or two. They are so wriggly.
Hayden loves the babies...and the new hat Grandma gave her.

More progress in the kitchen.

My new Favorite mug :)
Since Taboos second baby left a few days ago she has had no milk relief. When we went out for everyone's dinner rounds Hayden came running saying "Mom come quick Taboo has a huge bump by her butt" .... I got to explain that that is her milk bag and it is extra full because Dolly and Uno aren't here drinking it. We tried to milk her...she only held still for a little bit, but we got enough to let all the kids take a sip (after it was filtered and chilled). The kids seem to be fans, Hayden especially...but I think that is because she helped milk LOL.

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