Monday, May 23, 2016

Growing up baby.

Babies are growing up all over the farm. These two are a little over 2 weeks old and fun to snuggle.
Kissing a white bunny...after having spaghetti for dinner, what could go wrong LOL.
Oreo, love the face markings.

Awww cozy baby.

We played a little musical pens today. The chicks moved out of the baby pen and in with the adults today. They are almost 9 weeks old, and we needed to move the turkey poults and their momma out of the nursery.
They are enjoying their new space, and so far the big girls are not giving them too hard of a time. They are so big now, it is looking like just 5 out of the whole batch were girls. Not a great percentage. We Jason is going to have to get with the processing plan, we need to make some food out of all these boys.
One of the girls.
Another girl...she is one of my faves, love her color and markings.
Two of the olive eggers are girls.

Demon chicken, she has some black eyes LOL.
Another girl.

Double trouble...these boys have about outstayed their welcome, if a new home doesn't come along soon...the are going to be dinner.
The goats like checking out the chickens next door.
Kitsune is cranky because I went into the chicken run without her. We will have the whole flock on lockdown for the next 4 or 5 days so the newbies learn where home is.
Turkey momma and babies are doing well...they enjoy having more space. So far all 9 are hanging in there, I'm glad since the other momma didn't have luck hatching hers and has left the nest.

Such a cute little family.

The goat kids are getting huge now. They are so fun to watch. I brought in a little bench, so I would have a place to sit and chill with them. Of course they turned it into a goat toy right away.

Can't wait for next spring...I think looking forward to all the cute babies is going to get us through the crappy winters.

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Wendy said...

I've missed so much! Look at all your babies!