Saturday, May 21, 2016

Big kids.

Oh my, I will start out by saying our house was not burned down and nobody sustained injuries. Jason and I didn't hear the kids first thing this morning. Seems we slept through some pretty serious fun. They came in to our room saying they had a surprise for us. And surprised we were to find our 3 seven year olds...with a little help from the five year old, made us pancakes. Yup, you read that correctly, they followed the directions, mixed the batter...even cut up strawberries to add to the batter, turned on the griddle, and made pancakes for everyone. We were pretty impressed, but had to remind them they need to ask before cooking. The pancakes were actually pretty good...thanks guys, but please slow down :)
The butter glob addition they learned over at Grandma's...we don't use a lot of butter here.

Our little birdies are doing well. They had their first hands on session today. They did real biting, but they still aren't our pals quite yet.
Miss Cup Cake...still looking girly. I did a little research, just because I think are the color mutations are cool. I think she is a sky blue opaline recessive pied.

So pretty!

Mr. Twinkie. He is a bit more fiesty that Cup Cake, but coming along.
I think he is a sky blue grey wing yellow face type 2 single factor.

They both have such amazing color.

The kiddos are stepping out of cartoons a bit more these days. Recently they have discovered Naked And Afraid. At first there was tons of comments and giggles about the nekkid butts. To their credit they got over that pretty quick, now it is all "hurry catch that, you can eat it"..."Keep the fire going, you need to be warm". Pretty sure my kids would stand a fighting chance on their own

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