Friday, May 20, 2016

Little stinkers.

I'm surrounded by little stinkers today. Yesterday morning I found this little guy near death. This is one of our remaining 13 chicks, we have dubbed him 'Cross Beak'...because, as you can see, he has developed a scissor beak (where the top and bottom beaks don't meet like normal, they cross over instead). His is actually quite severe, especially for only being 9 weeks old, it is going to keep getting worse. I tried to switch the chicks to pellets instead of the starter crumbles...didn't even think that Cross Beak would not be able to eat, so he went without food for 2 days before I noticed he wasn't looking so good. I nursed him back to health all day yesterday, with Jericho and Kitsune helping. Thankfully he pulled through and today he headed off to a new home. His new owner has another scissor beak, and a 1 legged chicken, so Cross Beak should fit right in, and his special needs will be able to be met.

Don't mind my son, last night all the kids decided to wear someone elses PJ's...who knows why, but Jericho ended up in Lily's My Little Pony PJ's LOL.
After I got home from an hour long drive to drop Cross Beak off with a woman who would take him another hour to his new home, I was surprised by 9 more little stinkers.
Just when I was starting to think the turkey hens were sitting on duds. One of the momma's hatched out 9 of the 13 eggs she had been sitting on.
To help ensure their survival, I grabbed up the babies, with mom following, and got them settled in the outdoor nursery for a bit.
Mom was not happy that I was taking her babies away from her, so she followed me...with the little peepers held in my shirt, she was calling to them every few seconds and when they answered back she would keep closer to us.
I got them settled in, turned on the light and left the door open...I was hoping mom would join them.
Dad was pretty proud of himself I think.
Michonne figured out what building they were in, she got up on the roof and calmed down a bit. After about 10 minutes she got off the roof and joined her little stinkers in the nursery. I turned the light off and she snuggled down to keep them warm. Keep up the good work Momma.
More little stinkers...perhaps the cutest 4 legged little stinkers on the farm right now too. The tenacious two...they have made it to 2 weeks old! Apparently with rabbits you are never really "out of the woods" but they are looking good, hopefully these two continue to stick around. They are bright eyed and trying to cruise around a lot now. 

Oreo, you are too adorable.

That face!

Cupid is super cute too, even though I am not a fan of red eyed critters...this one pulls it off pretty well.

Look at that little bunny bum...just look at it!

My own little stinkers, they ruined their surprise. Guess you can't leave a giant tarped object in the back of a truck for more than 1 night. Can't wait to set this baby up!!!
Yeah they were just a little excited for the new pool!
When you are out picking salmonberries and get caught in a bit of a rain storm. Nice hat Xan. Only problem here is they didn't check in about heading back to the back of our property to go berry picking. When Jason brought up setting up some rules and parameters for the kids Hayden yelled out "No, I want to roam free!" LOL. At least Kitsune was with them, and escorted everyone back home.

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