Monday, May 2, 2016

Lizards, piggies and cat tales.

I almost screamed like a little girl. The kids were outside hunting for buried treasure. In comes Hayden carrying a bowl wanting to show me what she found. Before I knew it this was right under my nose. They don't freak me out but that was so close and unexpected LOL.

Giant salamanders, these are babies...going to be very big.

Hot sunny days = muddy, but happy, pigs.

Mice and moles beware....hopefully Cal and Tara here will make good barn kitty's. They are going to be crated for a week to get used to us and their new hopes they don't run off when we let them out. They are super friendly and adorable.

Tara is a beautiful tortishell, with the coolest eyes...they are two different colors.

Cal is her brother from the same litter, but he has more of a Siamese look, and bright blue eyes.

They are sweet...hopefully they aren't too sweet for the job.

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