Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hopefully our odds get better.

And then there were two. Dang it, these baby bunnies really do have a death wish. That same chocolate bunny that I saved yesterday did it again today, sadly I did not find it in time to save it. So now we are down to two. We moved momma and babies into the hutch instead of leaving them in the bunny tractor...hopefully these two can hang in there. This litter has not gone well, it is normal to lose a baby or two in every single litter...actually really rare to have a whole litter survive, but we are looking at a 25% survival rate this time, and that sucks.

12 days old, and they both opened their wee little eyes today. So cute.

Oreo has the cutest markings.

Hayden loves the babies.

Now a Jericho funny to share...
He had to get a shot today, I was trying to pump him up as we walked to the clinic door. 

Jericho - I'm not ready for this. 
Me- Sure you are, you are awesome, you are a super star, you are so brave. 
Jericho- No Mom, I'm just a regular boy, with flabby butt cheeks. 
I literally busted out laughing. I know what you are thinking, I was thinking it too and asked him where he heard that. Thank you Teen Titans.

Can't leave out Lily.
A little back story...
1- Lily has been extra clingy lately, and has been coming in our room in the middle of the night
2-Jason snores like a beast.
Jason told me Lily actually woke him up last night...

Lily *whispering* Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad. 
Jason- What Lily?
Lily- Uhh Dad can you sleep a little quieter?
Too bad I slept through that...I would have been LOL!

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