Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crafting with power tools!

Jason made me four bunny nest boxes today. This first litter of baby buns has been pretty much a disaster, and a learning experience for doing it better next time. These should help, and he saved us $30 each by building them himself...win!

Of course now he wants to buy a table saw LOL.

We started up our little burn barrel, Jericho thought it would be fun to roast a pickle.

I made his day by bringing out some hot dogs....he cooked everyone's lunch.

When Jason left for work, I took over the power tools. Getting a start on some Farm themed birthday party decorations.

Kitsune's idea of helping...handing me her toy...just in case I needed to throw it.
Xander was super impressed that his mom can use this tool...he took probably 100 pictures LOL.
Jericho helped do some painting.

Things are starting to come together.
We put the birthday party stuff on hold and got busy on the trio's teachers gift. The kids got to do some spray painting.

Glass vase, some ribbon and colored pencils.

All done, super cute...and I didn't wait until the last week of school...winning!
Lily is trying out for the school talent show next week. She is practicing twice a day (where is that work ethic when it comes to cleaning her room?). 
Tonight's practice was after her shower. 
Me: Ready to practice? 
Lily: Just a minute mom, I need to go get in my PJ's...pop stars don't sing in their underwear. 
Me *under my breath*: What pop stars have you been watching? LOL.

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