Sunday, May 8, 2016

A very happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there doing it right. The most important job in the world to the child in your care is how they are parented. You are the make or break in someone's the very best you can.

Mothering boys is not for the faint of heart...or those afraid of gray hair and heart attacks. I love these crazy guys of mine.
Bitty baby Xan.
Jericho...he didn't stay small long.

I am so proud of these two little gentlemen, I am so excited to watch them grow every day.
Motherhood is truly the most amazing journey. I love the person my children have helped me become. My girls and I...we have all grown so much.
These little ladies are beautiful inside and out. They impress me daily with their kind hearts and witty sense of humor. 

Washington child seat law is booster until 8. The triplets will be 8 in 2 months. I weighed them today just to see where they are. Xan is 63 lbs, Hayden is 68 lbs and Lily Bug is 58 lbs. Dang they have come a long way from their 3 1/2 lb start.

The kids made me some special gifts.

My crew...they make my world go round!

My dear friend Dina and her kiddos spent the day on the farm with us. The baby rabbits were a big hit.

Of course the horses were a bigger hit LOL.

I think a nice friendship was started today.

Ended the day with some S'mores...what a perfect day!

Don't try and hump me when I'm busy playing.
Such a great bunch of kids...always the best times when we all get together.

Big hugs goodbye...until next time.

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