Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 surgeries in one month.

Grrr I am so ready for everyone to be healthy...beyond ready. Jericho had his little relapse Thursday morning. I took him in to the Pedi's he had a slight temp of 100 again, his o2 stats were at 93 and they like to see it over 98. The Doc heard his wheezing and he was still taking 60-61 breaths per min., which is why I brought him in. They tested him for RSV, thankfully it came back negative, they sent him home with some Albuterol breathing treatments. Hopefully we are just about over's time! Good news, he is 10 lbs now!

Guess it was my turn for another trip to the Doctor's too. Really bad pain in my right lower side/belly just came on out of the blue about 10pm Thursday night. I took some left over pain meds from my CS to try and sleep, but it didn't help much at all and I got only a couple hours of sleep. I really didn't think it was my appendix but knew that was the area so Fri around 1pm we headed to urgent care (my MFM didn't want to see me as appendix is not in his scope and my reg. Doc didn't want to see me as if it was something to do with my CS he didn't want to get involved so off to the ER.) Grandma stayed at our house with the trio while Jason, me and Jericho went in...he goes where the boob goes LOL. They got me in pretty fast and did some blood work, I was dehydrated and my blood sugar was low, but my white count was fine. Since my side was so sore...I was in tears...they decided to do a CT scan and sure enough it was my appendix. I was actually was Jason since he thought I was being a worry wart and didn't really need to go to the ER. They had me in surgery about an hour and a half later. I had never been knocked out before, my only other surgeries were my CS's so I was really scared and couldn't stop crying. Thankfully everyone was awesome and they took great care of me, it is totally true when they say it feels like you were asleep for a second and woke right back up...and you remember nothing. I guess I woke up and asked the Doctor if we were headed in for surgery, he laughed a little and said we are all done...though I don't remember this conversation either. Jericho has had to have a little formula and bottles for the first time, he doesn't seem to love it in the least. The hospital was nice enough to get me a pump and all the supplies so I started pumping for him ASAP. I should be going home tomorrow, I am so tired so I am probably leaving some stuff out but that's most of it. I don't feel like I am healing well, it hurts so much, more than my CS's I think. The Doc couldn't do it laparoscopic, they had to do it the old fashioned way, via a bigger incision because mine was in there funny, kinda wrapped around my side. This has been one heck of a month...I am ready to not feel icky anymore!
Waiting for my CT scan.

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Krista said...

Oh Katrina, I'm so glad your intuition told you to check it out. Having it burst would have been so much worse. I'd been through several surgeries prior to my CS but I remember how utterly terrified I was for the first. Actually more scared of the IV than actual surgery. For what it's worth, the CS was the most difficult recovery of them all - both in length of time and amount of pain. So hopefully once they get your pain under control, it will be a snap.