Monday, January 3, 2011

Going home!!

We were discharged today, so glad to be home...even though we are exhausted I think getting back home will help. We both have to go back in a couple days for a recheck, then again in 2 weeks and then in 6 weeks, which should be the last appt. for me but little mans will just be getting started. Jericho is a tad jaundiced, his bilirubin levels have gone up over the last 3 days. Saturday he was at an 8, Sunday a 9 and today a 10...but they are not worried, for a full term baby his size they said they would get worried if the number was 17-20 or more. He did gain weight already which they were surprised and happy about, he is 7lbs only about 6oz shy of his birth weight already! He is quite the nurser!!!
Jason got peed on for this first time, well with Jericho anyway, LOL. We have also already discovered that Jericho is not a baby you can leave on the couch. At 3 days old the kid is already trying to roll over get his legs under him and scoot dangerously close to the edge.

The trio were so happy to see us, I think Grandma was's been a long 5 days for everyone. Baby boy may be almost 3lbs heavier than they were when they came home but he is still small enough to make the trio look's like they grew into 4 year olds over night. Lily still didn't want much to do with her baby brother but Hayden and Xander were all about him...they even got their first holds in :) The dogs are in love too, Gangster wants to be right on top of him all the time LOL.

I am feeling good, better every day...I think I will jump on the scale in the morning to see where I am at now, haven't even bothered to check since I had him.
Now that my milk is in and Jericho is getting full and going into little milk coma's, hehehe, I hope to be getting some more sleep so maybe my bags can at least ditch their bags :) Thank God for Photoshop LOL!!!!
Yay lets go!
Trying out his new carseat and making sure the straps are right.
Man we look glad to be going home!

I don't think I am losing the belly as fast as I did last time...we shall see.
Getting better acquainted with his brother and sisters.
So far the trio have been amazingly gentle with him...I hope it continues, but will not hold my breath LOL.
Daddy helping Xander hold Jericho for the first time.
Hayden's turn.

Xander, already a pro, had to get up there to help Jason help Hayden LOL.
Lily was calling her doll baby Jericho and, with Xanders help, was putting him in the swing hahaha.
Chilling after the trio went to bed.
Gangster wanting to check him out.
He didn't come in time for Christmas but he does enjoy his Christmas sleeper :)

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Melinda said...

Awwww congratulations to you all he is such a beautiful baby. Hope you can start getting some more sleep now that you are home.