Monday, January 31, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

I was switched to percocet yesterday and felt quite a bit better, but they wanted to keep me one more night to make sure my pain was under control. Poor Jericho had to go another night without me. Jason says he just hates me being gone over night, aww he misses sleeping with his Momma...that and he is not a fan of bottles or the little bit of formula he has had to eat. I got to go home around 3pm today, my break was nice...other than the surgery part LOL, but I am so happy to be home. I must say thank goodness for pain meds though...this is a very painful recovery for me for some reason. I am so thankful that the kiddos Grandpa has offered to hire a "mothers helper" to help me with the trio while Jason is at work until my month long Doctor ordered restricted duty is over. Now I just have to find someone...I can't wait, just hope I don't get too used to it LOL!

I keep trying to remember more from my surgery, it is so strange how the gas wipes your memory, I can't believe how little I remember. I do remember I said bye to Jason and Jericho (I was BFing him on one side and pumping from the other right up until they wheeled me into the OR.) The next thing I remember is being in the recovery room for an hour...everything in between is gone. I don't remember being asked to switch beds, having the mask put on or the count backwards thing that you see in the movies...freaky. The anesthesiologist did put something he called the "don't worry about it" stuff in my IV just as I was saying bye to Jason...guess I didn't worry about it hahaha. Here is a pic of my surgery site, crazy how such a small area can cause sooo much pain, the Doc was nice enough to save my tattoo and not cut into it :)

Some funny things have been going on here at home. Lily spouts out the strangest, but funniest, things, Jason was wiping down the table after dinner and he brushed the cloth against Lily. She barks "Hey, watch out, you got my Tinker Bell all wet." trying hard not to laugh, I said Daddy is sorry Lily are your PJ's OK, she said "Yeah they all better." She has also started finishing almost all the sentences in the cat in the hat book, this is their favorite book to have read to them at bed time. It is so cute, as Jason is reading he will stop short on the last word giving Lily...and sometimes Hayden...the chance to fill in the gap and she yells it out. Miss LilyBug is also already trying to work the system. Jason and I have noticed when she is happy, being sweet or trying to get something she calls Jason 'Daddy' ever so sweetly, but when she is not getting her way or Jason is not telling her what she wants to hear it becomes a firm and irritated sounding 'Dad'...often with a 'no' worked in there too hehehe.

Jericho turned 1 month old today...I took a couple, not so great, pics of the big guy. One pic made me go find an old one of Xander to compare the two. Jericho is a couple weeks younger and like 4 lbs heavier than Xander was in his pic (xan was about 6 weeks and 6lbs in this pic) but you can for sure tell they are brothers...don't you think? All the kids SEEM to be on the mend from their colds...I hope. I really want to be done with all this...and I really hope I never have to have 2 surgeries within a 4 week time frame!

Handsome 1 month old boy.

Brothers...the compare pics :)

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