Monday, January 24, 2011

I am no good with sick kids.

We have had an icky couple of days poor sick kiddos. We have all been sick for about a week and a half now. Everyone seemed to be on the mend until Saturday. Lily woke up from nap with a 103 fever and Jericho was at 99...both taken under arm so you add a degree. With newborns you call the Doc with anything over 100, they got him in on Sunday...Lily's fever had gone down to 100 by then so the Doc didn't need to see her. Jericho's Pedi appt. went well, he does have fluid in his ears but it's not infected...yet. Doc said keep an eye on it, keep taking his temp and call them if anything changes. I think he suspects an ear infection is looming but he didn't want to start meds yet. The best news from his appt. is his growth! Jericho was born at 8lbs, got down to 7lbs 7oz while in the hospital, at 2 weeks he was back up to 8lbs 13oz. At this latest appt., just a week and 2 days later, he weighed 9lbs 12oz. Along with all this I woke up on Sunday with my 2nd ever ear times!

Today everyone seems a tad better, though Jericho is really congesty and it freaks me out to have such a little guy sound funky when he breathes. Sick kids always make me so nervous, I want to run to the ER for everything and Jason has to make me calm down.

All this illness did make one, sort of, funny thing come about. Lily has found Jason and I out as medicine sneakers. Xander and Hayden love when ever they have to take meds., but Miss Lily on the other hand hates it and tells us "No Momma/Daddy I don't want to taste it, it's icky" LOL. This has forced us to try and hide her meds in food or drink, she is not falling for it though. So now when we offer her food or drink 9 times out of 10 she says "how about brother/sister first" she makes us give it to them to taste test it hahahaha. She is a smart cookie!

Some pics from today. They don't look sick do they, yes Xan's hair is awful...plan is to get him a haircut tomorrow. Xander and Hayden just LOVE holding their baby brother, they ask many times throughout the day...and they do a pretty good job. This was the first time I felt OK taking a step away to get a pic of them holding him alone. Hayden was "done" too fast to get a pic LOL.

Xander just gets in a quick kiss before Hayden starts asking to "take the baby" for her turn.

Miss Lily has joined the club and now enjoys holding Jericho :) She is also the first to put her baby doll up to my boob when I am feeding Jericho. I was wondering who would try to breast feed their dolls first, since they see me feeding Jericho all the time, but I didn't think they would rather have a wet nurse Hahaha :)

Xander had his weekly EI appt. today. I really like our therapist...she brought 3 Mr. Potato Heads for all the kids to play/learn with. This was the first time they have played with Mr. Potato we need to buy three LOL. Xander is making huge progress, he has at least 50 words now and can say a few 2 and 3 word sentences!

I HATE HATE HATE when shows that I love get cancelled. How dare the whole world not love every show that I love and help me keep them on the air! Bye Medium, Jason and I will miss join a long list of shows loved and lost :(

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