Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 days old!

We went back to the hospital today for our '48 hours after discharge' check up, little man is doing well! His bilirubin level went up again to 11.7 (his 3 days in the hospital it was at 8, then 9, then 10,) but they still said it's not high enough to worry about. He was born at 8lbs then went down to 7lbs 10oz, then to 7 lbs 7oz, and was discharged back up at 7lbs 10oz. Today he was up to 7lbs 14oz...his eating every 2 hours around the clock seems to be paying off LOL. The nurse said they like to see a min. of 1/2 oz a day gain and that 1oz a day is good...he has put on 4oz in the last two days.

My sister and niece Rowan are flying in tomorrow to meet Jericho, and we are having some newborn pics taken tomorrow too, I can't wait!
I feel like I am losing my belly slower this time. Though I am down 14lbs of my 38lb gain.
Xander and Hayden held their baby brother a lot today, Lily is still not ready.
Kisses from Daddy.

He looked so cute all snuggled up in a little ball.
Baby feet :)
Awake and ready for more food LOL.


Jill said...

Jericho is gorgeous! Congrtatulations!

Lindsey said...

awww he's so cute! If you keep in sunlight, like through a window even, for a little bit each day it helps a lot with the jaundice. That's what they had us do with my nephew since it wasn't bad enough to worry, they just said to put him in his bouncer wherever sunlight comes through and open the curtains. Cleared up pretty quick. :-)

TripMomma said...

Thanks guys!
Thank you for the tip Lindsey, I will try that.