Friday, January 14, 2011

2 week check up.

Jericho did great, even though the poor little guy had his first 'surgery.' He is definitely growing! He was born at 8lbs but went down to 7lbs 7oz before we left the hospital, then he was up to 7lbs 14oz at 5 days old and now today at 2 weeks old he is 8lbs 13oz!!!

Bad throat is hurting today and baby boy has been doing some sneezing and coughing. I wasn't holding my breath that the trio wouldn't give us their cold, but I was really hoping they would keep their cooties to themselves. Poor Jericho, 2 weeks old seems way too young to be fighting a cold :(
A tiny bit of good news, I'm 21 lbs down from my 38lb gain!

Jericho at his 2 week check up.

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