Friday, January 21, 2011

The single life vs. life with kids.

A fellow mom was chatting on this subject and it got me to thinking on many of the changes my life has been through. There is more stress and more expense with kids, but way more laughs too. I have less me time, less couple time, a lot less quiet time, but lots more hugs and kisses and acting silly. Singing songs out loud, though I can't carry a tune even if it had a handle, and without the liquid courage I really needed the couple of times I sang karaoke. Playing with toys, using glitter and glue for crafts and coloring with crayons, all things I haven't done since I was like 12. No more zippy compact car, but no more speeding tickets either...well not in a while anyway *knock on wood*. For sure no staying out all night partying and then sleeping all day...but somehow life is so much more fun! Yup...I wouldn't trade it!!!
We got Jericho's announcement cards done...he is just 3 weeks old today so we are not too far behind this time LOL.

If you can't beat em join em. Jason came home yesterday with a new set of TinkerBell pj's for Lily...she loved them!
She said look my wings, then ran laps around the living room saying she was flapping her wings LOL. The imaginations are really going now, it's so fun!

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