Saturday, October 15, 2011

Annual multiples group costume party!

Part 2. After we left the Roloff farm, we all got to test out our costumes for the first time. Our first costume party of the year was our multiples club party. This was our third year going and just like year 1 and year 2 we had a blast.

Hayden didn't want to keep her gloves on, and they all ditched the hats sooner or later, but they looked pretty cute!

Dad bringing the pumpkin balls!

The kids got right down to playing. I think this will be our last party at Munchkin Playland, just about everyone's multiples have out grown this place. It is hard to believe the first time the trio played here they were only 18 months old.

Jericho was seeing it all for the first time though, he checked out many of the toys, but really loved watching all the other kids.

My cute lil tater tot :)

Hayden was being a little dare devil, climbing up on things and jumping off.

A group shot of many of our little members :)

Checking out the girls...little man is such a stud muffin :)

Yummy dinner!

Then right back to playing.

They were busy busy kids today, we got home and they crashed right away.

We will have to keep trying to get a good family shot of everyone in costume.

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