Sunday, October 30, 2011

Really son?!

Xander, Xander, Xander. I haven't been posting about nap (on the very rare occasion that there is one) or bed time fiasco's...not that they aren't still happening but if I posted about it all the time there wouldn't be room for much else. Today was extra special though, so I thought I would share. The triplets room looks nothing like it did the first few days of big kid beds. You may need to be reminded of how cute and clean it once was LOL. The decals have all been ripped off the walls, a couple of the kids mattresses have holes and they pull more "stuffing" out of them daily, the radio and baby monitor have been removed because they wouldn't leave them alone, a couple of their wood blinds have broken slats now, there is a small hole in the wall...which we still can not figure out how they did that, they have broken parts of their beds and the knobs to their drawers have had to be confiscated from them one by one. The room is in a sad state. Our one last saving grace was the hole we drilled at the top of their closet door, which we stuck a nail through, as a way to lock the closet. At least they can't get in their and pull all their clothes down...thank goodness for that. Are you seeing where this is going? 

I had a moment of panic when I walked into their room this morning and saw three empty beds. The panic changed to a muttered "oh shit" when I heard giggles coming from inside their closed closet. Yes folks, Xander moved Lily's bed over to the closet, climbed up and removed the nail...little turd. They had not had the chance to totally remove everything, but by the looks of them they were planning on a fashion show, as they had removed what they were wearing and were in the process of redressing in new clothes. I guess we should have seen this coming, Xander has been moving her bed to the center of the room...right under the light. We pull the chain to turn the light on and off since they would not leave the knob alone. So he figured out he could move her bed under the light, stand up on it and pull the chain over, and over, and over.

We fixed his wagon yet again. Jason NAILED the beds to the floor LOL. They are just little finishing nails so they didn't do much damage and aren't really noticeable. So far it seems to be working...though I am sure Xan will find a way to still cause trouble.

Our lock system.

How I found my little break in artists.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I do have to brag on Xander, can't let you think he is nothing but trouble :) He made this Potato Head and came to tell me it was a baby spider. You will notice it has extra arms...not quite 8 but the boy was on the right track :)

Saying goodnight to Jericho LOL.

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