Monday, October 17, 2011

A little late but...9 in and 9 out :)

Jericho was set to have his 9 month photos done today, but our poor photog had to have emergency back surgery yesterday. Thankfully she is doing well and hopes to be up and at em soon. But seeing as Jericho is already 9 1/2 months I had Jason take a couple to mark the whole 9 months in and 9 months out thing.
This was the very last belly photo I took, just a few hours before my Csection.

My big guy 9 (and a half) months out.

The triplets have a new favorite movie, Madagascar. Not only do they like to move it move it, all over the living room floor while the song is on, but apparently Lily has a taste for Zebra (or Hayden) butt. Hayden just stands there saying "excuse me, excuse me, you're biting my butt" LOL.

Xander comes over to join the fun.

Looks like he plans to rescue his sister from Alex the butt biting Lion.

But no, in an out of nowhere blitz attack he moves in for the take down.
 Zebra...err Hayden, down.

Jericho is just getting over a little cold, he still has a snotty red nose...maybe it was good his pro pics got delayed.

Love this picture...Xan just ran up and gave me the best hug ever.

The kids were attempting to play hide and seek with their Dad. I say attempting because despite how easy hide and seek appears to be, when you are 3 much is up to your interpretation LOL. Xander and Hayden kind of run down the hall for a couple seconds but run back to turn themselves in. Lily Bug on the other hand, she runs and hides behind the curtains, giggling the whole time. Jason pretends to look around, the giggles get louder. Then he says where is Lily, I can't find her; Lily comes flying out laughing and saying "here I am Daddy." They did this over and over, none of them ever changed their strategy, I think they need us to go over the rules with them again.

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