Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We have another walker in the family!*

Jericho is off! He has been taking a step or two here and there for a week or so now, but today he started really walking. He has been at it all day and already we see improvement. I put together a little 1min video of him walking today....so so cute! Just look at my little man, not even 9 1/2 months old and walking. He has the most amazing attitude too, every time he fell he would just laugh and try again. He is so sweet.
Lily did her own hair today, "Orlando, you like it? it's autumn sunrise" LOL
LilyBug you are adorable!

Hayden was having a Kirsten Dunst day...I never noticed before that she kind of looks like her sometimes.

After 2 days of mom working on the costumes the kids were feeling left out of the craft fun, so we did a couple Halloween crafts with them today. I have to say again how much I am loving Pinterest!

Painting the egg carton pumpkins orange.

While the pumpkins were drying they got busy on the Q-tip skeletons.

All done...and so festive :)

In other news...I am so happy to announce I am now at my pre-pregnancy weight from the trio, so about 5 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight with Jericho. I would still like to drop another 10 but we'll have to see how that goes. I have noticed a little dip in my milk supply, not sure if that is from the weight loss or because Jericho is eating more solids. He is really loving table foods these days!

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