Thursday, October 27, 2011

A pre Pre-K visit.

Since the triplets will be starting Pre-K in just a little over a week, we thought it would be a good idea for them to meet their teacher and see their classroom. We did go by and play at the playground there last week, they had a blast, but thought one more visit would probably help things go smoothe come 11/2. Yeah right, I am sure they are going to cry or freak out...which is pretty normal for most kids, but this made me feel like we at least gave them a heads up. They are going to have a lot to learn, new rules, new ways to play, new kids, new people to listen to. I am actually a little scared for them. All I can think of is Kindergarten Cop. Especially when the little girl doesn't want to join police time on the carpet, she wants to be a princess, and gets sad because he is yelling at her and trying to make her. To say this will be hard for me is a huge understatement, look up worry wart and control freak in the dictionary and you will see pictures of me. In the last, almost, 3 1/2 years I have left my kids with a whole 5 people, and one of those is their father. I hope they love it, so many years are spent in school, I really don't want them to get started off on a bad note.

Their class!

They had fun checking it out for about 30 min, playing with a couple toys. Then the teacher made two of them cry by being a little gruff when telling them it was time to put the toys away. Oh boy :(

On our way out we went by their inside play area, this is where they will play at recess when it is too cold or wet to go outside.

Jericho had some fun playing too.

When we got home Jason's Grandpa Frank and Miss Betty came by to bring the kids a few Halloween gifts.

Hayden started out shy as usual but she warmed up to the Great Grands soon enough.
We also got new gutters put on the house the other day...woohoo just in time for the rain!

My husband who never thinks to take pictures of me with the kids unless I ask him had to take it upon himself to get this one. I have no idea what Xander is doing, but yeah he was following me around that close for about 5 min. He is lucky I am not his father, I am sure you can all guess what he would have done LOL.

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