Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crafty little people.

Jason worked a double today, those are long days home with the kiddos for Momma. We spent half the day doing a couple crafts, then watched a movie. Now that the soggy weather has arrived we need to get everyone some new rain coats and boots so we can get outside even when it's a bit wet.
Jericho...this kid is a total ham for the camera, he smiles as soon as he sees it :)

The card table we borrowed for extra Bday seating is going to be missed, the triplets think it is their table LOL.

The kids had fun making a finger print corn craft and a cute squirrel craft too.


They had already painted their corn yellow...I pulled out the blow dryer to dry them quickly so we could move on to the fingerprint part.

Dot dot dot...they still need to figure out that the dots are supposed to be all over their paper and not in one huge glob hehehe.

Jericho got to do a baby sized corn craft, with some help :)

While the corn crafts were drying we moved on to the squirrels. They are getting pretty good with a paint brush :)

I am so impatient, I gave them some cotton balls to paint with to keep them busy while I dried the squirrels with the blow dryer hahaha.

Then we added some cotten ball bits to the squirrel tails.

Look how happy they are with their crafts...they are getting so grown up.

All done!

Washing up...all at once, hot plans for Ratatouille after. All we hear is that "he cooks in the kitchen" though Lily also refers to Gusteau's restaurant as the "recipe house" LOL.

See what I mean...one second he is crying, the next he sees the camera and is all smiles :)


Megan said...

What do you do with all these crafts you do??

TripMomma said...

I put them up in the different windows and on the front door for a time. When we change seasons or Holiday's...or just want to make room for new crafts, we switch them out. Most of the old stuff gets recycled, a very few things get kept.