Thursday, October 13, 2011

Final costume touches and lil pumpkins.

We did our final fittings and last min. touches to the costumes today. They turned out really good, not perfect like the store bought ones but we spent about $35...which is almost $200 less than if we had gone with the store bought ones.

Jason and I tried our costumes on too.

Xander was holding and snuggling Jericho today, it was so flipping cute.

I know I know, I got a little carried away, but they looked so sweet.

How much they have both changed over the last 9 months.

Such a big boy now, they grow too dang fast.

We have our annual multiples party tomorrow, I decided to make these cute rice krispie treat pumpkin balls that I saw on Pinterest.

Jason was a big help :)

I am no pro, but I think they looked cute.

Big big big news today! The triplets will be going to preschool this year afterall! They were accepted at the Head Start school as part of the peer program! This is their class where "typical" children are in the classroom with delayed and special needs kids to provide a peer base I guess. They will go 2 days a week, just over 2 hours per day, they start 11/2. I am so excited and happy for them, and not just a little scared and worried. I can't believe they are here already. My 'glass is half empty' side wants to cry because this really feels like the beginning of the end. I know it is not quite all that, but it sure is enough to make one tear up.

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