Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do the Hayden.

Hayden has made up her own dance, she even called it the "Hayden dance." I think she may have been going over it as soon as she woke up this morning, by the time we got them out of their room for breakfast she flew out shaking all about telling us the steps and telling everyone to "do the Hayden."  It was total awesomeness!
We spent the day out of the house today, we ran some errands then had a picnic lunch while scoping out the school the triplets will be starting in 10 days...eeekkkk!

Lily may be our future actress but Hayden is our future rockstar! We just have to turn up the music and she starts bopping , making these total rocker faces, lips pursed, eyes squinted just loving it :)

We have been quite crafty so we hit up a couple craft stores to re-up our supplies.

Our diaper free child looking a little messy after getting an M&M for using the potty while we were out and about. She is holding on hard to these treats, but she is doing so great...I can't believe it has been a month already!

This is the school the kiddos will be going to for the next couple of years. We thought it would be a good idea to take them to the playground a time or two before they start going there.
It was a really fun play area...they seemed to really enjoy being there.

Jericho had a lot of fun too.

They went on a pinecone collection mission...I don't think they left a single one behind.

A bag full of pinecones...lots of crafts to make out of all of these I think.

Then the kids, Jason included, started some crazy high flying fun. Lily and Xander loved every second, Hayden preferred to remain on the ground and Jericho was too busy trying to eat the grass to really notice LOL. Jason was hurdling them...pretty good clearance.

Then he was swinging them and tossing them up in the air and making them flip then catching them. Freaked me out every time, but they loved it.

Jericho looked up and wished he was getting a turn...sorry lil dude not yet.

Lily kept asking to do it again. She has always loved this kind of play.

Like I said, she has always loved high flying!

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