Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We took the kids over to Uncle Skunks hood to ToT this year. This was the second year of Trick or Treating for the triplets, and they were so ready. Last year at almost 2 1/2 they did really well, they seemed to get the whole saying "trick or treat" at the doors but they were still a bit young to really enjoy it.

This year they really got it, in fact it was hard to slow them down LOL. They knocked like mad on people's doors, despite us trying to stop them after a couple knocks LOL, and YELLED "trick or treat" or Happy Halloween" over and over and over. Xander tried to open, and close, almost every single door we came to. And Hayden kept trying to go inside people's houses. Thankfully everyone thought they were adorable and didn't seem unhappy with their antics. It was a fun hour, and best of didn't rain! By the end of the night the kids were totally freighted by their little plastic pumpkins and had us doing the carrying between houses LOL. We actually weighed the candy because I was curious...all three combined got 9 1/2 lbs of goodies. Don't you worry, being the good parents that we are we will be sure that the kids don't eat it all ;)

We added the last of the milk jug ghosts and lit candles in our ghost jars before we left.

They were really excited in the car on the way to Uncle Scott's.

Off we go to the first house!

The trio were a little scared by all the decorations but once the candy was flowing that went away LOL.

Jericho had a fun 1st Halloween, he also turned 10 months old today!

A couple times he got down in there with his brother and sisters :)

The girls loved holding their Uncle's hand, Xander was a bit harder to keep up with.

They saw some fellow milk jug ghosts.

A number of the homeowners were dressed up, but this guy was probably our fave. If you look close you can tell he is a peeping Tom LOL!

Look at poor Lily hauling that heavy load. By the end of the night when we would hand her back the bucket to go up to the next house she took it without any enthusiasm...kinda like OK, I'm checking in for work LOL.

Getting full!

All done, having one piece of candy with Uncle Skunk before heading home.

Three full pumpkins, next to one tired pumpkin. The kids all went to bed without a peep.

This is what 9 1/2 lbs of junk looks like :)


Christine said...

He's not a peeping Tom ... he's Wilson, from Home Improvement.

TripMomma said...

Hahaha that show is so old I never even thought of that possibility :)