Saturday, May 28, 2011

Backyard to playground step 1.

Xander is getting his end of year reevaluation with EI, he is making really good progress but it's leaving us in a tough spot. We would love to get the kids in their "Head Start" preschool program but it's not looking like it is going to happen. The girls would be able to get in as "peers" because they don't have any delays. Funny enough it would be Xander that probably won't be accepted. Seems he is not delayed enough to get in because he needs to go there nor is he on track enough to get in as a "peer." Kinda sucky...hopefully we can find somewhere we can afford that is good to send them.

One of his longest sentences to date...he came running to get my attention, he said "Momma look a bird" then he pointed out to show me. I stood there with him for a min watching the bird, then he said "Momma camera picture." Here are a couple pics I took at his request.

We got started in our back yard, Jason got the grass cut, his dad brought over fencing, poles, concrete. We are going to split the yard, half for the dogs and half for the kids. I hope we get most of it done this weekend...I can't wait to let the kids out there to play as much as they want!

Before pic.

Everyone spent a half hour out back, between showers...can't wait for summer to get here, and stick around.

Yes, I let them have cereal for dinner tonight. Look at Jericho, he has 4 teeth and wants to get at some food. About one more month little buddy

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