Friday, May 20, 2011

I love summer!

It may be just Oregonians, or just me, that will call 3 days in the 70's strung together 'summer,' but it sure has been nice. Today was beautiful, but possibly the last nice day for a few. We put the kids in blue and went to blow bubbles at the park in memory of an sweet little boy that passed away a year ago today. You will never be forgotten JW!

Hayden has it down pretty good, but Lily and Xander still hold the bubble wands too close to their mouths most of the time. Yummy Lily LOL.

Jericho was enjoying the bubbles too.

Hayden was showing off her springs today. Partly because her Dad kept jumping off stuff saying "here Hayden do this." Like Xander won't break an arm fast enough now he is egging Hayden on to too.

Jericho tried out a baby swing for the first time. He only sat in it for a min or two but he looked like he enjoyed it.

Still swing freaks...we really need to find a nice park with no swings so they actually play more LOL.

We went home, grabbed a quick lunch and nap then headed out to the jungle, err our yard, for some kiddie pool fun. Jason should be getting the yard mowed in the next day or two...hopefully.

Jericho was only in for a couple of min. It was hard to play with the trio and hold Jericho steady. He got his fill though...he even did a little splashing :)

Lily jumped in right off and never got back out in the hour + that we were out there. Hayden didn't get in until about the last 25 min but at least she got in and had fun in the water. Though I don't think it is going to help with bath time. Xander mister water hog in the bathtub only got in for a few min...just long enough to splash all of us and get back out.

Jericho with a little towel shade going on...we didn't head out back until just after 4pm so the sun was not too intense. A good thing for all of us paler than pale people LOL.

I noticed thanks to this picture that I am in need of a pressure washer, goodness. It is so beautiful here but the 8 months of rain and mud and dirt make such a mess of everything.

The dogs were enjoying the day too...and the kids splashing them.

Next time I am going to have to wear a suit, Hayden and Lily really wanted me to get all the way in with them.

Splash time!

Just the cutest little trouble maker ever!

Aww my girls :)

Boys...when I got the girls out he went and grabbed a rake and started "paddling."

I sure hope the world doesn't end tomorrow but if it does, today was a lovely day.

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