Thursday, May 19, 2011

It is never good

When you can lose your kids in your own back yard. No that is not some wild prairie, that is our yard when the lawn mower is broken and things decide to grow like crazy. Hopefully Jason can get it fixed or get a new one soon...or we won't even be able to see the kids out there LOL.

Some fun in the overgrown yard with Gangster :)

Other news, what I hoped was a fluke or a bad day looks like it may be here to stay. Hayden all of a sudden HATES taking a bath. She is a bit of a clean freak, we lovingly joke that she is our OCD child. A few weeks ago we were putting them in the bath and Xander needed a little bum wipe down just before he got in. Hayden saw this and started freaking out that there was poop in the water. No matter how many times we told her it was clean she screamed until we got her out. The next bath went the same....though no one even needed a wipe down before bath this time. The next bath we tried to just do Hayden by herself and she still freaked. Not sure what we do next, I mean the child must bathe...any ideas are welcomed.


RaeSchuft said...

love that your yard looks like mine! Our ride on lawn mower needs a new battery and Ryan's been procrastinating :) Don't forget to check the kiddos for tics ;)
On the bath note, maybe let her watch you fill the tub so she can see it was clean? Or let her help you clean the tub? good luck!

Twin Tornados said...

We had a similar situation with our twins, one of them freaked out over something in the tub, and wouldn't get back in it, we tried everything, then we decided to put them in the shower with one of us and we have been showering them ever since! hope this helps!

Lil'G's Mommy said...

Genevieve went thru a simaler thing. She refuses to take baths, and only wants to take showers now. Maybe that what is next for Hayden.

TripMomma said...

Thanks guys! Good call on checking for ticks, will do. This last bath Jason was filling it while she watched and she went first...didn't help. Showers may be where we are headed. It's been so nice out we have the kiddie pool full and warming to let them play in it after naps today...I wonder if making water fun again will help. We shall see.