Monday, May 23, 2011

Soccer stars...well not today LOL.

We had to miss soccer class last week, which would have been our second class so today there was no progress made in participation. Actually it got worse, our first class Xander was really present, Hayden wasn't and Lily was in and out. Today Xander was wild and trying to get into everything except what the class was doing, and Hayden and Lily spent most of the class off by themselves. Though I have to admit it was kinda cute because they kept hugging, kissing and holding hands, they would also tell anyone who came near them that they are sisters LOL. Oh well maybe they will be back into it more next week.

Lily did come over and play the cone tower game.

And both girls took their turn feeding the baby hippo a watermellon...or kicking a soccer ball into a small net one at a time :) It was funny, instead of dribbling with their feet they both picked up the ball, ran to the net and set it down right in front of goal then kicked it in from there.

Hayden on her solo trip.

Lily's turn, then giving the coach a high five afterwards :)

Back home Jericho was having lots of fun with some new linkadoo's and his jumper. Such a happy boy!

Some funny trio stories from today...
Before breakfast this morning Xander grabbed an apple off the counter and before we even saw what was going on he started taking bites out of it. Lily caught on and asked Xander for a bite, he shared it with her, happily actually. Then Hayden came running over and Lily passed it to her for a bite. They stood there sharing the apple passing it back and forth taking bites until it was gone.

Just a little while later they saw the garbage truck pick up out front. All three ran to the window and were asking what it was doing. I said he is taking away our garbage, Lily says "and all the stinky diapers" I laughed and said yes all the stinky diapers too. They have this thing with stinky diapers, only they are in serious denial because they blame it all on Jericho and are quick to say "stinky baby diaper"...I haven't had the heart to tell them their diapers smell 10 times worse than Jericho's. As the truck drove away Hayden said "bye bye see you next time" LOL.

Finally, tonight at dinner, well all day actually, Lily was in an even more clingy, huggy, kissy mood than usual. She is all over me wanting to hug and kiss, and as much as I love it Lily is very messy when she eats so I was trying to dissuade her but that was just not working so I ended up wearing almost as much food as she was. She kept saying "Oh Momma I love you so much" "Oh Momma you are so beautiful" "Momma give me the bestest hug" She just kept going on and on and gushing all this love and adoration all over me I started tearing up. Which of course Jason saw and had to make fun of me about. She was holding my hand and arm and would pull me in for hugs then grab my face for kisses. I looked over at Jason and said we need to remember this when she loses her damn mind from 10-25 LOL. He said it doesn't happen to every girl, I told him we have 2 so it's bound to hit one of them. Then I said it's OK just about the time the girls start going crazy on us Xander will chill and become our "good one." Jason and I look over at him simultaneously and bust out laughing...our future "good one" had poured out his drink and was stuffing his dinner in the cup, then pouring that back out on his plate like he was trying to build a sand castle. We are in big trouble...maybe Jericho will be our "good one" when the others take their turn being our problem child :)

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