Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Today was a great, yet low key day. I woke up to cards and kisses, both the chocolate and slobbery kind. Then we took the trio to try out a new soccer class. We have decided to take most of the summer off from The Little Gym and try something a little different. They had a good time, tomorrow's 1st class should be fun. When we got home the big kids helped Daddy put together their new kiddie potty. Lily managed to break it in but then had no further success. Xander gave it a try too, and I must say Kindergarten Cop flashed through my mind today...'boys have a penis, girls have a vagina' we haven't had to really get into it yet but it's coming.

On another note, it really clicked with me today that the things we start without realizing what we have done can and often do come back to bite us. Just today alone we have seen...
1) The kids sniffing each others butts to check who stinks. Yes I admit they got this from us, when there are 3, now 4, butts that could be the offinder you have to go in for a little closer inspection to find the the butt to change.
2) The kids now have 'who put the poopy in the poopy diaper (sung to the tune of who put the cookie in the cookie jar)' stuck in their heads. We started this little tune to make diaper changes more fun so they would hold still and stop fighting us tooth and nail.
3) They even have things a little mixed up when it comes to feeling with a hand on the bum to see if a diaper needs to be changed. Today Hayden caught Jason getting fresh with a little palming of my ass and she started yelling "Momma is poopy" over and over. Nice babe, thanks :)

My Mother's Day cards! Jason...and the kids...always find the perfect cards. The one from the triplets rang especially true LOL.

Some Mother's Day pics with my big kids.

Trying out soccer class. They had fun but it is more direction than they are used to so I think it will take a couple classes to learn how to do as the coach asks.

Happy Bug :)

It's a potty party!

Everyone gets to try it out.

Even the Dragon LOL.

Hayden was bent down encouraging the Dragon in all the ways we encourage the was pretty funny stuff.

Lily sat on the potty through a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...good thing it has a padded seat.

My little man on Mother's Day.

Lily celebrating her potty experience hahaha.

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