Monday, May 30, 2011

Road Trip!

The Multiples & More question of the week this week is:
Where are the hot spots in your town that people should visit?

We are actually in the middle of planning a big family vacation for this July. Looks like we will have 10-11 adults and 6 kids three and's going to be crazy, but a lot of fun. This will be the triplets first time sleeping anywhere besides their home, I hope it goes well. I am feeling somewhere in between excitement and dread hahaha. We are headed about 4 hours out of Portland to Grants Pass. We are staying 4 days and 3 nights, and have a lot of stuff crammed into our time there. Here is a list of some of the things we plan to do...
The Oregon Vortex House
Wildlife Safari
West Coast Game Park Safari
The Oregon Caves
Great Cats World Park
Rogue River Hellgate Jetboat Excursions

Other fun stuff going down today.

Seems my oldest son has his Momma's interest in photography, I had to chase him down and repo my camera from his kung fu grip. When I downloaded today's pictures I found a few I didn't take :)

Hayden has been acting off the last day or two, not eating or being as active as usual. She woke up this morning not feeling quite right and was being a tad extra whiny so we skipped soccer. I really can't wait until they can tell us just what is wrong.
We decided to head out back and let them play while Jason and I got a little more work done.

Forgive the mud and dirt, damn dogs and Oregon's wet weather do not mix well. Hopefully we will be borrowing a pressure washer soon...I have never been so excited to clean in all my life LOL.

Jericho enjoyed the fresh air too...though he did get bored pretty quick.

The kids love playing in the dog house.

Helping Dad sweep the patio.

Hopefully we can get the fence up soon....but the posts are solid.

Xander watched Jason weilding the sledge hammer yesterday, so he drug the 25lb hammer all the way from the shed to the patio hoping to get to hammer something LOL. He is one strong little man!

A fellow triplet mom gave us these a couple years ago, we broke them out today and it seems we waited a tad too long. The trio love them, but have zero idea how to pedal. Hopefully they get it down soon. Hayden almost had it figured out, Xander not quite and Lily wasn't even trying.

We had a couple minor crashes...well tip overs, but the kids had a lot of fun.

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RaeSchuft said...

Good idea with the fence! We're trying to solve the Hazel area / Dog area problem in our yard too!
Oh, and Hazel can't pedal a tricycle either! lol...