Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We need to step up our door locks.

The triplets were in a silly mood for most of today, though Hayden did have a few smaller melt downs. I really hope this "horrible three's" doesn't last for all of year it is trying to keep her happy. We had their Little Gym class tonight, so Jason was in the kids room dressing Hayden and I went into our room for just a min to grab my shoes and Jericho's carseat. I swore I heard the traffic all of a sudden get louder so I ran out to the living room just in time to see the front door and storm door open and Xander and Lily halfway out. He had gotten the knob cover off, unlocked the deadbolt and the little knob lock...trouble, this boy is trouble. I freaked and yelled at them to get back inside, we live on a very busy street and my little monkey's have no idea about cars or staying out of the road. It made horrible things flash through my head, we will not be letting our guard down until we get a chain lock put in up at the top of the door.
This was the new thing of today, they all had to put their chairs on the couch and then sit in them.

Little Gym fun.

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