Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We fixed his wagon!

The bath strike continues. This morning Hayden was so mad about taking a bath when Jason sat her on the potty just before getting in the tub she pee'd, she was also very ticked off about sitting on the potty too so she had two personal affronts to pee over LOL. She got a small sucker for going pee on the potty, that everyone called her "shacolate." They know if they go on the potty they get a piece of chocolate (usually an M&M or two) but hmmm we seem to be all out of chocolate in this house...wonder why. When she came out of the room after getting dressed she showed it to her brother and sister and yelled to them that she got chocolate. Lily got all excited and gasped "oh Hayden your beautiful chocolate" then she kept telling her to eat her chocolate. She was genuinely happy for Hayden, Xander on the other hand was po'd that he didn't get any chocolate.
That was only the beginning of a bad day for didn't get any better. He was even hell
on wheels at gym class tonight too. But he may have been upset over the changes we made to our doors. Imagine his surprise when he went to open the doors, when he knows he shouldn't, and they wouldn't open. Hahaha fixed your wagon Houdini!
Almost forgot to add...teeth #3 and #4 are coming in. Jericho had both upper fronts break through today.
Happy now, Hayden shows off her treat.

The kids wore their monkey shirts that were in their goodie bags from their friend Bella's birthday...they love them!

Xander trying the door.

He goes at it with a hammer, but can't reach the new lock at the very top.

Some Little Gym fun.

In sad news....too many momma's out there have suffered the hardest loss. Death is never easy but when it is happening to babies and kids it is especially horrible and unfair. Hug your little ones close, tomorrow is not promised. I read that somewhere and it is so sadly true. To those families that are going through the worst times of their lives right now, and those that have been there, I send out many thoughts and prayers and hugs. I am so very sorry, it is just so wrong.

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