Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bye-bye Hiccup and Bumblebee.

Hiccup and Bumblebee went to their new home today, before they left the kids and I spent some time with each of them. Lots of kisses...but happily, no tears.
Kisses for Bumblebee.

And more kisses for Hiccup.

The photos are courtesy of the trio...they each took turns snapping a few.

Bye sweet boys, we are looking forward to updates and pics from your new family. Your brothers, Remy and Star, and the rest of us, miss you already...but wish you lots of attention and love, that I know you will get. Xander is is sad to say good-bye, always is.

My mood was lifted when we checked the mailbox today...I love Christmas cards :)
You know what else I love...this group of crazy kids. They started wrestling each other tonight...then Hayden plopped down on the floor and told everyone to pile on top of her. I suggested Xander be the base when she was about squished under Xan and Lily. I figured something funny was bound to come out of this so I grabbed the camera. This is Jericho telling me to wait until he gets on top of the pile LOL.
It is harder than it looks.
Cute as a pile o' kittens right?!
Then the destructo came out.
Photo challenge...Day 22: Sparkly. Xan made this last week in his PT class...pretty good job kiddo.

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