Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve party time.

We had our annual Christmas Eve party over at Grandma's this year. The kiddos were so excited to see everyone, especially Auntie Stacie...she is so cool she has the kids under a spell :)

Grandma and the girls.

I'm not sure exactly when it happened...but Great Grandpa and Betty now get happy excited hugs hello, I remember when the trio were toddlers and for some reason they would cry every time they saw them coming :( I think Frank and Betty much prefer this LOL.

Checking out the snacks. Stacie and David did such a great job on the food...yum!

The kids love seeing the ornaments we have given to Grandma over the years on her tree

Trying to keep busy until gift time.

Pictures with Auntie!

Great Aunt Julie is always a life saver. The kids had a great time getting this puzzle put together with her.

Gift time...whoop whoop! We had the talk before we walked into Grandma's house tonight. You know the one about how we say thank you, even if we don't really like the gift, and we do not whine or complain. Well seems Xander didn't really pay attention. The very first gift he opened was a great book from his Great Uncle Steve...who was sitting right by the kids happily watching them open their gifts. Xander yells out very loudly "Not a book, I don't want a book." Grrr, thankfully everyone cut him some slack and found it more funny than upsetting...but I was not happy. Jason's brother Chris was sitting right in front of Xander at the time, he told me it is too bad we didn't have video of it because his face and emotion was priceless and we could have sent it off to America's Funniest Home Video's LOL.

The rest of the opening went better...but he was for sure the bitcher of the bunch :\

I got to join in on the opening fun too.

Jason got his brother some pretty sweet Seahawk gloves...he loved them. I really enjoy giving gifts, but it is a huge bonus when you know without a doubt that you got the perfect one.

Great Aunt Julie always gives really special gifts.

Love these!

The kids wanted the gifts to keep coming, of course...but the girls did like to see what other people got too.

My little Superman loved his new shirt.

The trio screamed with excitement over a few gifts...but none as loud as this one, well from Xander anyway. Grandma scored big with the triplets first Razor Scooters.

Xander was walking around hugging it, he didn't want to put it down LOL.

Funny shirt...though not so true anymore :)

I got a very cool watch bracelet from Stacie...love it!

Always the ham.

Yay...got a good pic of Uncle Chris and the crew.
We got some with Great Grandpa and Betty too!

Though we did have to go through some funny ones too LOL.

We hope to get the trio up to try skiing for the first time this winter. Frank really wants to go with, yup 84 1/2 and the man still skis, how awesome is that?!

4 generations :)

I have the best in-laws, really lucked out!

Love :)

Siblings...they rock.

The kids did so great taking photos for everyone else...when it came time for our turn they were pretty much over it, figures LOL.

Dessert time! The two we made were a hit. I even allowed myself to have some :)
Pecan pie cheesecake, and Banana split pie. The banana split pie isn't too horrible for you...made with light or low fat stuff, the other one...you don't even want to know LOL.

Jericho found this old picture of his Dad...he actually knew it was Jason too LOL. 11th grade...what a hottie :)

We got home almost 2 hours passed bed time, with a passed out Jericho. The trio got milk, cookies and carrots out and headed to bed.

So excited for Santa!!

Jason has to work early tomorrow morning...boo. We opened a few of their fave gifts from Grandma's so they had some new things to play with tomorrow while we wait for Dad to get home to open our gifts.

Jason and I also got their new houses ready. Once we were sure the kids were out cold we wanted to set it up in their room so they would wake up and see them.

Dang that house is big Hahaha.

And heavy...Jason pulled it on a towel down the hall.

That is one whole roll of wrapping paper...we didn't do anymore. This will do for my photo challenge for Day 24: Wrapped.

Can't wait to wake up to happy screams in the morning :)

Santa filled their stockings too. Santa doesn't get much credit around here Hehehe.

Such a great day spent with family and friends. Thank you all so much! Love you guys!.

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