Saturday, December 28, 2013

Operation gingerbread houses underway.

Boy, when my sister in law offers to help and pick up a few things for her nephews party...she means it! Thanks Auntie much, couldn't do it without you!

The kiddos are so excited for the party tomorrow. This is how Jericho was carried to bed tonight. Silly munchkins.

After the kiddos got to bed Jason and I went to work on putting together 16 "gingerbread" houses. I did 2 solo...they were the ugliest things ever. Jason saved the day and took over on doing the ends...which is where mine were going wrong. The houses looked a lot better after that LOL. We hot glued them together, instead of using the cracker parts won't be edible, but they will hold together much better. The kids will still be able to eat the candy off they should be happy enough with that. We also glued them to a base made of foil wrapped cardboard.

That is a lot of graham crackers. 6 per house...pretty much took 1 whole package per house when you count on at least 2 or 3 broken ones per package. That is a lot of candy too. The big containers are 8 1/2 cuppers and the small ones are 4 cup size. I was worried we would run out of candy, something tells me we won't have that problem LOL.

We were of course up until well after midnight tonight, wouldn't be one of our parties otherwise LOL. I got pretty much everything prepped and ready to go though. All I have to do tomorrow is get the decorations up...with Tia's help, get the crock pot chili, hot dogs and hot cocoa going, get the kids bathed and dressed, do a final clean up of the house and decorate the cakes...ugh, still a lot to do LOL.

If you haven't noticed...I totally fell off the photo challenge wagon. At least I made it 25 days this time...that is much better than the last one I tried. Maybe the next one I will actually make it the whole way through.

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