Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let the countdown begin!

Wohoo December! We need to get our decorations up soon, hopefully this coming week sometime. I am feeling like my Christmas spirit may need just a little help getting going.

Jericho dressed himself today, in his big brother's clothes LOL. Mr. I'm barely in a 3T, trying to wear 6/7's...he is swimming.
Silly boys!
We got a little crafty today...don't tell anyone ;) The trio have been asking at least 5 times a day when it will be Christmas, so we decided to make our own little countdown calendar.

Just a little drawing of Santa. Add the days until Christmas in the beard area.
Silly...I'm not sure what is with the peace signs all of a sudden LOL.
We got busy gluing some eyes, bits of cotton ball and pompom balls too.

Jericho wasn't interested in joining us, but the trio had fun.

Almost done.
Now you glue a white pompom or a cotton ball on each day, by Christmas the Jolly one will have a full white beard :)
I am trying another photo per day challenge. The last one I tried I ended up not finishing...but in my defense we were completing the remodel on the house, packing and moving. Hope I do better this time.

Jason cracked me up today. He tells the  kids: Mom is probably going to make you watch this movie sometime, it is called The Sound Of Music. I just start laughing from the other room....because yes, yes I will. And it will not star Carrie Underwood.

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