Friday, December 27, 2013

Painting and plays.

T-minus 2 days until Jericho's 3rd birthday party. I am so ready for all the parties and Holiday's to be done for a bit LOL. The kids and I got started on some fun labels for our Hot Cocoa bar and chili bar that we will be having at the party.

Making snowmen.

Everyone got to make a couple.

An Elf.

And a reindeer.

They turned out pretty cute.
Then it was time to meet Dad and Grandma for dinner and a play. We all went last year, to see The Princess and The Pea, and the kids really enjoyed it. This year was Little Red Riding Hood, with a spin.

Jericho was a little bit of a pain...but nothing majorly annoying or embarrassing so we were pleased LOL.

The trio were great, so excited for it to start...then once it did they didn't take their eyes off the stage.

Then someone went in or out of an alarmed door setting off a very loud very persistent, and slightly painful, alarm. The cast invited all the kids up to dance to loud music...trying to drown out some of the alarm noise, on stage. It was fun for a few minutes...then we learned they needed keys and codes to turn it off and that it would be quite a while. We were about to head home when the fire department showed up and got the alarm turned off. Yay night saved. The rest of the play went off great...though the kids wanted to be back up on stage LOL.

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