Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wild party nights.

3 years ago today our hearts grew by one more. Jericho Miles, what an addition you have been. Who knew triplets could ever be deemed as "easy" when you are talking comparisons between your multiples and your singleton LOL. You are a handful..it is true, but along with your rough and wild boy antics you provide big cheesy grins, sloppy kisses, laughs, amazing feats of daring risk taking and loads of love. We wouldn't have it any other way....well the 6pm "witching hour" could go away, I wouldn't mind that so much :) We love you baby boy...Happy 3rd Birthday!!! XOXOX.

Look how big you have gotten...and even cuter, how ever that is possible.
It was a quiet New Year's Eve around here...same as it has been for the last 5 1/2 years LOL. 2013 has not been too bad to us. Lots of windows opened just when we had a door close...can't ask for much more than that. 2014 let's do this thing! Taking a saying from a friend...love your people Happy New Year every one...may it be a good one.
Hayden and Daddy pic awww.
Then they photo bomb as I am trying to get a last picture of our tree before it comes down tomorrow.
Silly kids.
Love for Gangster.
My New Years night took a sudden turn. Lots of half naked people running around. Oh wait, it is just your average bed time at our house. Carry on...no fun to be had here LOL.

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