Thursday, April 7, 2016

Alone time, what is that?

You hear that? Me neither. The kids just left for two nights at Grandma's!!! Thanks for the spring break break Gram's...I'm sure you guys will enjoy your time too! What will we do with all this alone time??

First up...we tried shooting clay pigeons for the first time. It is harder than it looks, didn't hit a single one of them LOL. It is so nice to be able to shoot at home now...that was fun, need to take advantage of that more. Kitsune was nice enough to retrieve some that didn't get broken or blasted.
It was her first time around real gun fire, she didn't give a rip...other than wanting to attack the gun. Crazy girl.
Next time we may need an auto puller...this throwing them by hand sucks, and may played a part into why we didn't hit any.

Thankfully with a new grip on this bad boy it no longer killed my shoulder to shoot it.

On our way back from shooting we found a hidden stash of eggs...turkey and chicken.

Don't mind if I do!
Yesterday the horses had a farrier visit. I have a couple stubborn horses. I've been assured mine are nowhere near the worst...but they could be a bit better LOL. Brats.

A couple pics from yesterday...I love my two country girls.

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