Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rut row...too many boys.

When you buy chicks from the feed store or hatchery you usually have a 90% chance of getting girls, I have only been burned and got boys once. When you hatch your own your rate of getting boys goes way up. Out of our 14 chicks I was hoping for at least 8-10 is not looking like that is going to happen though. They say you never know for sure until a chicken crows or lays, but at 5 weeks old here is how they are looking.

I think this one is a girl, I also think she is an EE and, fingers crossed, will lay blue eggs.

This one I am 99% sure is a little EE roo.

I am pretty sure this is a girl and looks to be a Salmon Faverolle mix.

Girl I think, she came from my Olive Egger so hopefully she will lay olive colored eggs too.

Another EE roo I think.

This one I am having a hard time with...probably a boy with my luck, but the jury is still out. Jasmine is our only Barred Rock hen so I know this one is hers.

I was hoping this one was a girl, even though 9 times out of 10 black and white EE's are boys....I think it will end up being a roo.

Another roo.

These two are girls I Olive Egger and a Salmon Fav mix.

Another EE boy.

Olive Egger roo I'm pretty sure.

Olive Egger girl I think.

Another boy. So that is what 8, maybe 9 boys out of 14...ugh. Jason better get good at butchering chickens....if anyone wants a roo let me know LOL.
Our next indoor project got underway yesterday....time to get the old counters off so my granite can go on! We had lots of helpers who all wanted a turn with the hammer.

Ready to install, can't wait. I have had granite in my last two houses, I love's been a long 10 months without it.

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