Saturday, April 16, 2016

Feather friends fun!

The last week has been amazing...rain is not done with us yet, but we are really enjoying it right now.
We thought it would be interesting to put a whole bale of hay out in the pasture, these piggies pretty much ate for a solid 8 hours, then came back twice more before bed time LOL.
I can't believe the fabulous 14 are almost a month old....and look at all those feathers. They look like such big chickens already.
I know for sure we have 3 boys, and 2 of them are just what I wanted. There are a couple more that are questionable...but I am still hoping a little more than half of them are girls.

Almost ready to set some more eggs in the incubator, hope we have as good of luck next time.

They get to spend nice days out in the nursery run...they aren't too sure about all this space yet, but soon enough they will love it. Nights they are still in the big brooder under a heat lamp...but I think we are probably just a couple weeks away from not needing the lamp.
Lily created this a few days ago...that girl just cracks me up.

Any career day suggestions for my little Bug? LOL

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